Company Policy

Metering Services s.r.o. is an organization founded in May 2003. Its main activity is the development and sale of software and hardware and their related services. Quality management systems (QMS) and information security form the integrated management system of this organization.

The quality management system field:
A quality management system (QMS) is an organization's management system. The company's management is committed to the ongoing improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system, primarily by setting goals, targeting values, and developing programs and control mechanisms.

  • meeting the requirements and wishes of our customer’s is the basic goal of the company; customer satisfaction always comes first,
  • services and labor are provided to customers in the highest quality, thanks to several years of experience, and a stable team of highly qualified IT experts (our own employees) that was established in the company,
  • the basic rules of conduct for company employees are a positive attitude, appropriate behavior in and out of the workplace, high professionalism and specialization level, reliability and seriousness,
  • we aim to strengthen the tradition and good name of the company along with making the maximum effort to expand the quality and quantity of services offered, thus ensuring the long-term perspective of the organization and the security of our customers, the company creates favorable working conditions for its employees; employees assist each other and as a result strengthen the team’s method of performing assigned tasks; employment in the company is a prestigious matter for employees.

The  information security management system field:

  • the company considers the security of its customers' data to be essential and pays maximum attention to it, from the initial concluding of contracts and further in the individual measures taken resulting from risk analysis,
  • the company respects and complies with all relevant regulatory, legal and normative requirements,
  • compliance with concluded contracts is essential for the company, such issues are given primary attention throughout the performance of the entire contract,
  • the company identified the risk assessment methodology and set the criteria according to which their assessment takes place.

Implemented safety policies, principles and requirements for the organization and its employees are defined in internal regulations and safety guidelines. They include in particular:

  1. compliance with legal and contractual requirements,
  2. basic knowledge of the use of entrusted objects,
  3. prevention and detection of programming software and its security,
  4. planning the continuity of the organization's activities,
  5. the consequences for breaches of security principles.

The company's management agrees to provide adequate resources for the integrated management system, to comply with all legal and other requirements relevant to the company and to create conditions enabling the implementation and support of company policy.
Company management expects all employees to actively contribute, within their competencies and responsibilities, to the fulfillment of the principles of the declared policy and to the continuous improvement of the implemented integrated management system.