SAP Interface

SAP Interface

Data between Gridstream Converge and SAP are exchanged using machine-to-machine, two-way, XML basedinterface according to IEC 61968-9 standard.

IEC 61968-9 defines integration of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system with other systems and business applications within a utility enterprise and between enterprises.

Scope of IEC 61968-9 is to provide uniformed means for performing meter read and control operations over a heterogeneous distributed environment.

The IEC 61968-9 XML messages between Gridstream Converge and SAP are exchanged using SAP NetWeaver.

Process Integration (SAP PI). Network protocol complies with IEC 61968-100 standard using SOAP over http/https.

General message exchange pattern

Messages are exchanged using SAP PI. Every message exchanged between Converge and SAP PI is acknowledged. 

The acknowledgement only confirms to the other party that the message has been successfully transferred. No validation or processing is done prior to acknowledgement.

Message processing is carried out asynchronously, possibly later on in time, resulting in new message exchange with SAP PI. Correlation between request-message and related response-message(s) is done by means of IEC 61968-9 specification.

IEC 61968-9 also defines an error indication in response-message if the request could not have been processed or partly processed.

IEC 61968-9 defines unsolicited messages too; for pushing load profile data or publishing end device events.

Unsolicited message is acknowledged by SAP PI and handed over for processing.