About company

In 2019 several companies were consolidated around the parent company Metering Services, s.r.o., resulting in the creation of METERING SERVICES GROUP, which has benefitted from cooperation with leading distribution companies and technology partners dating back to 2003. The group includes MS Technologies Prague s.r.o., TechnoCentrum s.r.o., Enerdat-S d.o.o. and its subsidiary Enerdat-S FZ LLC Dubai. In addition to the Czech and Slovak Republics, the group also operates in Slovenia, the regions of the former Yugoslavia, Near and Middle East, along with many other countries in Europe and Asia.

The group includes nearly 100 qualified specialists with experience in the fields of energy and providing energy measurement and control systems. The Metering Services Group also includes development centers focused not only on software solutions but also on the design and production of hardware components and firmware.

METERING SERVICES GROUP is not a legal company and the companies mentioned below act as independent entities.


Metering Services s.r.o. (MS) was founded in 2003 and is a founding member of the international Metering Services Group. MS has been a certified partner of Landis+Gyr, s.r.o. for more than 17 years. (hereinafter referred to as L+G) in the field of development and service of measuring systems.

In addition, MS specializes in software development and provides a range of IT services. The company has offices in Prague, Ostrava and Bratislava. The company's employees are specialists in the fields of energy and IT.


MSTP s.r.o. is a Czech technology company founded in 2012. It specializes in the development of hardware and software primarily related to energy management and intelligent systems for measurement and data communications. In cooperation with sister companies, Metering Services Group develops comprehensive End-to-End solutions for the given sector.

The MSTP team draws on more than 20 years of experience in development, design and engineering in the energy and industrial sectors. It’s based on both hands on and applied knowledge of distribution networks and their elements of automation, including knowledge of instruments for measuring and evaluating energy. The company is headquartered in Prague and České Budějovice.


TechnoCentrum s.r.o. has been operational since 2007. Since being established it has specialized in software development and the drafting of solutions. It operates on the pan-European market and its customers include both energy distribution companies and manufacturers of smart meters. In the course of these activities, the company acquired extensive practical experience with the development of applications for large-scale data processing and analysis. The company is based in Prague.


The company ENERDAT-S, d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as Enerdat) is a global intelligent energy solutions supplier with experience in Smart Metering and Smart Grids. It has been operating on the market since 2005. Enerdat provides consulting and professional assistance for delivery systems, including a wide range of services across the market, from industry and the commercial sphere to households. The company is developing an Advance™Suite solution that supports various types of energy. Enerdat benefits from the experience it has gained through implemented AMI projects and has unique know-how in the field of network analysis and optimization. An important segment of services provided is also the support of the installation of a large number of meters, including tools for "Clean Up" and their subsequent maintenance, with a focus on automation of related activities (firmware upgrade, table of use). The company also develops its own firmware for data concentrators.

The company is based in Šenčur, Slovenia. The Middle East and Asia Office is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.