Partners of MS Group


Partners of MS Group


MSTP has been cooperating with E. ON Energie on projects involving service providing and supplying of energy management solutions since 2015. Since then they have jointly implemented dozens of projects, particularly for large customers for whom energy consumption is a significant item of expense. Thanks to the professional know-how and solutions offered by MSTP, customers increase their operation’s energy efficiency and achieve significant financial savings. This is how MSTP contributes to the implementation of E. ON's mission: "We help save money and nature". MSTP also became a partner of E. ON Energie because it doesn’t merely focus on one commodity and its consumption, but applies a comprehensive approach to all energies - from possible local production by the customer, to distribution and consumption, all the way to their quality and other parameters.


Metering Services is a certified partner of Landis + Gyr, which it has been cooperating with since 2003. Since May 1st 2019, it has also been the official distributor of its entire portfolio of products for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

MSTP has been cooperating with Landis + Gyr since 2015 on many activities; from hardware and software development, to the provision of engineering and expertise services, to comprehensive customized delivery of energy management systems.

Detailed knowledge of and years of experience with Landis + Gyr products enable all companies in the MS Group to pass on the maximum of Landis + Gyr solutions to customers and in some cases to supplement it with a portfolio of solutions focused on specific customer requirements in the market. 


In addition to their current cooperation, MSTP and EGC are also united by the fact that they also share a common past and the same headquarters. It is a voluntary bond between two partners with high professional know-how and many years of experience in the field of energy. Both companies know that they are stronger together in today's market and have a wider scope, which ultimately benefits the customer. This is because they receive a complete and sophisticated solution from what can be called a single source.


Initially, cooperation between OSAM TRADE and MSTP came from the intention to develop an innovative product for address-controlled lighting. This was a success, and from that time the product has been a solid basis for joint business cooperation. This was followed by other joint projects due to the fact that the implementation of energy-saving lighting, which is the domain of OSAM TRADE, is one of the rudimentary measures in the implementation of energy management, which MSTP focuses on. The common goal of both companies is not only to reduce the energy costs from the customer’s consumption, but to do it very well - that is, to supply them with a quality product and provide them with maintenance and expert services for the most efficient energy management.


We cooperate with PREměření by virtue of years of experience in the field of energy and energy resources, we react to customer requests and offer services to find suitable and clever technical solutions to bring long-term stability of energy supply and optimize costs by their adoption. 

These include not only consulting and studies, the assessment of possible technical solutions, technical and economic evaluations, and the optimization of operations, but also the implementation of proposed measures, including the possibility of financing, meaning from various models of cooperation to the operation of these sources and security of heating and electricity.

voda pod kontrolou

In 2019, we joined forces with one of the most important water companies in the Czech Republic and the outputs of the "WATER under control®" system were integrated into the e-PointWEB application. Thanks to this, we can also offer our customers professional solutions in the field of water consumption monitoring. The cooperation of the e-PointWEB and WATER under control® systems creates a sophisticated multi-commodity solution from one source, with the help of which customers of both companies can efficiently manage all purchased energy; monitor and optimize their consumption, detect leaks and non-standard situations without undue delay… and thus realize cost savings."


Metering Services s.r.o. is a certified partner of MTE Meter Test Equipment AG and is officially authorized to sell, distribute and support the full range of MTE products in the Czech Republic. The implemented projects include three-position test benches for the test stations of PREměření, a.s. and ČEZ Distribuce a.s.


Metering Services Group has become a leading partner of IBM Czech Republic. Both companies are interested in cooperating in the development and delivery of solutions and systems for Smart Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects. The cooperation takes place in the Central Eastern Europe region, focusing particularly on Romania and the Czech Republic. The joint project draws on experience obtained in the European context from implementations in the field of remote data collection and processing, including the use of advanced integration platforms. The result of the cooperation is a unique, flexible and open solution meeting the needs of contemporary distribution companies and respecting local legislation and energy trends, which is supported by local teams of developers, specialists and technicians.


Metering Services Group is a partner of the European branch of the American company OSMOSE Utilities Services, Inc. for the Czech and Slovak Republic. OSMOSE specializes in enabling a view of remote areas of the underground electricity distribution network using a sophisticated system of electric field sensors and vehicle-mounted X-rays and cameras in order to detect faulty cables and devices. OSMOSE offers to all customers a web-based geospatial SW application, including a secure storage of all results and scanned problems.