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Heating industry

Power plants, heating plants, CHP plants (steam-gas heating plants, cogeneration units, etc.)


Scalable solutions for collection utilization and billing data evaluation of the heat supply to customers, data from operational and balance meters for heating, cooling and condensate from their sources and distribution sites.

The data can be used to continually assess the operation and balance of the heating network, its efficiency, and also to optimize the system’s operation, regardless of heating medium (steam or water). The solution can be operated independently or synergized with the existing system for remote readings.

The task of monitoring and regulating the designated diagram of supplied energy from other distribution companies (electricity, natural gas, heat) can be solved at heating sources for the optimal setting and use of reserved capacity.

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Communication modules and units compatible with commonly used heat and steam meters with a standardized data interface.

Modules for 2G, 3G and NB-IoT networks with high quality design and production. Modules intended for installation in devices are certified as official accessories of Landis + Gyr UH50 meters. The “S” version is an external module outside the measuring instruments – it can also be used for communication with other meters with M-Bus interfaces.

These are primarily battery-powered devices optimized to ensure operation and the sending of data over at least one calibration period (that’s years in the Czech Republic + Slovakia).



WZU-52 is an intelligent communication module designed for installation in Landis+Gyr UH50 heat meters.


WZU-52 is an intelligent communication module designed for installation in Landis+Gyr UH50 heat meters.


This module is designed for the transmission of measured values ​​using the LTE telecommunication network NB-IoT.


WZU-62-S is a data concentrator, equipped with a communication unit to ensure transmission of acquired values ​​using the next generation of telecommunication networks, NarrowBand IoT, designed for


An automated system of remote energy data readings using M2M networks (IoT) and the further processing of that data.

A customizable solution for the remote reading of meters of all energy types that integrates data transmissions via IoT and 2G / 3G mobile networks.

The system can be provided as a variant of the complex MDMS system or only to the extent of data reading, designed with an emphasis on easy integration into the customer’s existing solution.



e-PointHES, a robust head-end system, is a distributed solution that provides the collection and management of measured data using various communication channels (GSM/GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRa,


A system of data collection from metering instruments and technological equipment that ensures data processing and its presentation to the user.


Reducing energy consumption and seeking further savings. Reduction in the cost of fixed payments for designated energy consumption diagrams.

A key part of the solution is data processing; from documents for invoicing to energy efficiency analyses, their respective balance, and also, for example, for the identification of abnormal or error conditions. The measurement data contains a huge amount of information that allows the customer to better understand the system in operation and ensure its efficient and economical operation.



Savings as the main benefit, aka, having the flow of energy under control.


A solution that optimizes the size of the designated reserved gas capacity. It significantly reduces the cost of primary energy, predominantly natural gas.

The outputs are important information for continual determining of the energy balance.

The daily reserved fixed capacity regulator can be used in gas boiler rooms with only gas boilers or in combination with cogeneration.

Its main task is the timely local or remote signaling to the operator and possible issuance of commands to the boiler room control system for a defined reduction of consumption in the event a set maximum will be exceeded, so as not to surpass the designated consumption parameters.

The regulator can solve the task either as an autonomous unit or as a part of energy management.



e-Point.M controllers provide technical means for automatic monitoring of the designated energy diagram (heat, electricity, natural gas) in the chosen time interval and has the possibility of autom


A solution that balances energy consumption over time is an important tool for streamlining heat production and distribution. It offers your end customers a continuous overview of their consumption and a tool leading to energy cost savings.

A solution developed primarily for heat consumers with a two-component price. The task of the controller is to ensure temporary reduction of heat consumption by timely command of the M&R (Measurement and Regulation) system of the boiler room, so the designated capacity is not exceeded and the consumption diagram is followed smoothly. This solution saves customers considerable resources for the unnecessary reserve in the designated heat supply capacity.

However, the reduction of consumption peaks is also advantageous for heat suppliers, so the controller also has application in their transfer stations. The controller solves up to 3 maxima at the same time, i.e. the maximum heat supply at the transfer points in total, as well as for DHW (domestic hot water) and central heating. You can also set consumption preferences for DHW.



e-Point.M controllers provide technical means for automatic monitoring of the designated energy diagram (heat, electricity, natural gas) in the chosen time interval and has the possibility of autom


An intelligent web portal designed for organizations, professionals, customers of energy companies from industrial fields, and municipalities who want to monitor and continuously analyze data regarding their energy consumption.

The portal receives automatically selected information from measurements of energy data collection systems (HES / MDMS). It’s a powerful visualization and analysis tool by means of which users can display measured data in various formats and analyze it in predefined and user-defined reports.

Multilevel calculations can be applied to the data, enabling advanced data processing using statistical functions. In combination with the tariffing functionality, the product enables full application of the data from smart metering’s information potential.



With the W1000 web portal, the operating program gets a cost-effective system that allows you to take advantage of smart metering, such as end-user access to meter data, the ability to see actual c