• Lighting intensity optimization according to the needs of production sites and shifts.
  • Controlled via LCD display with an industrial touch-screen and lifetime warranty.
  • Technologies used:
    • Wireless RF control for existing installations with cabling issues (uninterrupted industrial operations).
    • For new installations, the bus system control is predominant - standard DAL.

Customer segment 

  • Industrial manufacturing companies with multi-shift operations.
  • Storage spaces/warehouses.
  • Sporting grounds (winter stadiums, multi-purpose halls, and athletic corridors).


The product "directed control of LED lighting" is designed to optimize the intensity of lighting based on the needs of the production sites and respective shifts in industrial enterprises with multi-shift operations. Installations utilizing it have shown energy savings and a quick return on investment. The main advantages of the product are: energy consumption optimization and the ability to regulate locally according to the timetable, nature, and demands of the operation. Industrial LCD displays from OMRON are used to control the product. It comes in two technological variants: primarily the DALI bus system is used, but in the event of problematic installation on existing cable distribution systems, wireless control technology with RF switching units SRF1, developed by MSTP, is used. This solution is delivered in cooperation with OSAM TRADE, s.r.o.

Technical specification

  • Industrial PLC for switching power supply circuits to ensure seamless start-up.
  • Touch-screen LCD displays up to industrial standards, designed for heavy industrial operations.
  • Standard DALI for industry (solution groups, scenes and addressing).
  • Wireless technology in the MESH network (Information is transmitted between SRF1 units).


  • Included in e-PointENERGY solutions, which offer the space to limit ¼ the maximum current.