WZU-PROG (docking station)


  • Accessory for the WZU-52, WZU-52-S, WZU-62, WZU-62-S.

Customer segment

  • Users of WZU communication modules.


WZU-PROG is an accessory for the WZU-52, WZU-52-S, WZU-62, WZU-62-S modules that enables parameterization, firmware recording, reactivation and module diagnostics. It’s a docking station used to connect the WZU module to the PC, and service software for maintenance interventions on the module.

Key properties:

  • docking station for connecting the module to PC via USB interface,
  • uploading firmware to the communication module,
  • module diagnostics,
  • complete parameterization of modules,
  • software for maintenance work on modules.

Technical specification

  • 230V power supply.
  • USB for PC connection.
  • Application for Windows 7 and later version.


  • Enables parameterization.
  • Firmware recording.
  • Reactivation and diagnostics of supported modules.