Message Handler


  • Communication with the energy market operator (OTE).
  • A system of exchanging data between energy market participants.

Customer segment

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs).
  • Distribution System Operator (DSO).
  • Local Distribution Network (LDN).


Message Handler is a solution for transferring data between a central metering data collection system (MDMS) and the market operator that organizes the energy market. The concept and architecture of the system benefits not only from extensive experience in the development of information exchange systems in the energy market, but also by meeting the general demands of energy data processing and collection, along with its archiving and transfer to other parties in the field of information technology. The demanding methodology of information exchange together with legislative requirements calls for increased activity from DSOs and local distribution networks. The Message Handler system can be a significant aid in the administration and management of energy data intended for transmission to the Market Operator.

Message Handler features:

  • The ensuring of and statistics regarding fulfillment of legislative obligations.
  • Functions with data:
    • Receive data from the measurement data acquisition system (MDMS).
    • Manual data creation, Excel templates designed for this purpose can be imported.
    • Display of data in rows / tables with details and the possibility of editing, graph displays.
    • The possibility of searching and filtering data reports.
    • The possibility of exporting data in xls format.
  • OTE data communication:
    • Automatic/manual.
    • Comparison of master data based on registration / updates from OTE for the record in the Message Handler system. Accepts incoming data and processes a "response".
    • Message prioritization, the possibility of sending a message with maximum priority.
    • Reviews and statistics of communication.
  • Management:
    • Master data of portable data terminal points (PDT), constant data for PDTs.
    • Usage history data, additional data for invoicing (DUF VO and DUF MO), designated values.
    • Communication regarding the connection or disconnection of PDTs.
  • Generation of replacement data for individual PDTs or groups of PDTs using one of 4 algorithms:
    • zero profile,
    • a copy of yesterday,
    • a copy of the same day from the previous week,
    • the average for the last 4 weeks.

Technical specification

The application is based on the Microsoft.NET platform, from a general functions point of view it has the following features:

  • Tiny client - online, cross-platform application.
  • Users access the application based on the applications role, with the possibility of segmentation.
  • Microsoft Windows application layer.
  • Oracle database for data storage.
  • The possibility to connect to Active Directory (authentication using Integrated Windows Authentication).
  • Data communication via SOAP, and SMTP / POP3 is also supported.
  • Encrypted communication.


  • The transfer of data between participants in a liberalized energy market .