• Web portal of measured data for external users (partners and customers).
  • Intelligent processing and presentation of measurement data.
  • Multi-utility system.

Customer segment

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs).
  • Distribution System Operator (DSO).
  • Local Distribution Network (LDN).
  • Industrial companies.


The W1000 system is an intelligent web portal designed for professionals and energy company customers who want to analyze and understand data from various measuring instruments. The W1000 receives automatically selected consumption information from energy data collection systems (HES/MDMS) and stores it in its own database on the server. It’s a powerful graphical tool allowing users to view measured data in various formats and sort it by user-defined configurations. Multi-level calculations enable advanced data processing, statistical functions and tariffing support allow smart metering to reach its full potential.

The W1000 system allows:

  • import of measurement data from various systems (HES, MDMS),
  • support for different energy types (electricity, gas, water, heating),
  • advanced calculations of measurement data,
  • support for mobile devices,
  • export of data to various formats,
  • tariff support,
  • user management,
  • data security,
  • data segmentation,
  • template management.

Technical specification

The W1000 system is installed on-premise in the customer’s DMZ providing the measured data. It’s a modular solution operated as a web application. In order for the system to function, installation of the following is required:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher,
  • Oracle 11g Release 2 or higher.


  • Extension/expansion of Head-end System systems.
  • Extension/expansion of Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS).