Mobile robot for industrial disinfection of air and surfaces without the use of any chemicals with a high operational reliability and added value.


UV-60 is a professional germicidal radiator generating UV-C rays integrated on a robotic mobile chassis OMRON LD-60/90.

The UV-60 has been developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technologies of the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, which has also laboratory tested its effectiveness on various types of surfaces. It is suitable not only for disinfecting surfaces and air in public spaces, but also offers an effective and, above all, ecological option for disinfecting production areas in the food-processing industry.Depending on the presence of people it allows two modes of operation – direct and indirect, which can be combined. The device can operate 24/7 – in indirect mode the radiator can function even as the device is charging. Thanks to advanced radar and laser navigation, its deployment is fast and does not require any modifications to the premises (it is not necessary to install additional laser navigators, floor marks, guidelines, etc.) and at the same time the device automatically adapts to any changes. Sophisticated fleet management provides advanced coordination and cooperation with other OMRON robots. The UV-60 device is supplied including software for parameterization and visualization of its operation.

Highly effective and safe disinfection

DISINFECTION OF SURFACES – direct radiator with 216W germicidal tubes which eliminates 99,8 % of viruses and bacteria.

  • Emits highly efficient shortwave UV-C radiation with a wave-length of 253.7 nm (without ozone production).
  • Tube length 1200 mm, low chassis and reflective surface of the radiator body ensure the widest possible radiation profile.
  • Guaranteed lifespan of 8000 hours - LongLifeR certification.
  • Shatter-proof design of tubes with a HACCP-certification for use in the food industry.
  • Adjustable time and intensity of radiation by route parameterization.
  • An average of 8 hours of unattended operation on a single charging with the possibility of using a replaceable battery.
  • Radiation automatically switches off when the device detects the presence of a person and restarts after a voice command to leave the room.
  • Multi-level security measures against unintentional activation of radiation (as UV-C radiation is harmful to health).

AIR DISINFECTION – indirect / concealed 110W radiator

  • Powerful air circulation 365 m3/hour
  • Internal HEPA filter increases efficiency of air disinfection.
  • Can be used even in the presence of people – e.g., when charging in the docking station.


Advanced navigation using AI

State-of-the-art technology from the leader of robotized transport in industrial environment:

  • Anti-collision sensors.
  • Lidar – highly precise radar/sonar
  • Laser sensors.
  • Top-of-the-line sensors of presence of people.
  • Advanced mapping options of the sanitized area.
  • Automatic resolution of collisions with obstacles by calculating a new optimal route.
  • Sharing routes and preventing collisions with other robots using Fleet management functions.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Additional modules for controlling door systems and elevators.

Optional additional functionalities according to customer requirements

  • Visual surveillance including night vision support for guarding objects with the possibility of immediate interruption of the disinfection task to check out unexpected occurences or security incidents physically (diverging from the planned route) or using the optical zoom of the camera.
  • Using voice messages of the integrated synthesizer.
  • Powerful sophisticated real-time object video-analysis tailored to customer requirements.
  • Archiving compressed video recordings from the front and rear cameras at the same time.
  • Additional sensors (COx, smoke, other measurable physical values of the environment).
  • Function of reading local energy meters and automated data transfer to the acquisition center.
  • Integration into the user‘s IS systems in order to perform various data collection tasks and information transmission.

SW tools (supports Windows, iOS, Android)

Mobile Planner by OMRON – route mapping, planning and selection.

Fleet Managing by OMRON – easy integration collaboration and sharing with the customer‘s group of transport robots.

UV-60 Assist – visualization and parameterization of UV-60 operation.