e-PointENERGY is a comprehensive and efficient system for monitoring and managing energy consumption according to designated diagrams and for determining the flow of energy and the energy efficiency of production and technologies. It ensures a fast return on investment and high utility value, respecting the needs of the customer during the expansion or renewal of both producing and non-producing companies. It respects both the legislation and customer needs for established energy management according to ISO 50001 and has ongoing innovation processes.

Main features

  • Optimization and adherence to the designated energy consumption diagrams (natural gas, heat, electricity) without penalty, with minimal interventions in production processes.
  • Reducing fixed energy payments.
  • Reducing energy consumption and seeking further savings, identifying abnormalities in consumption, reducing energy intensity.
  • Energy flow descriptions, their connection to production data (assortment, quantity, etc.) and invoicing systems.


  1. Synergy of the regulation and monitoring of tasks for energy consumption according to designated consumption diagrams with remote readings of end customers’ energy consumption and the balance of purchase, production, distribution, losses or sales.
  2. Secondary energy consumption (substitute for routine activities), operating values ​​(temperature, pressure, binary states of technologies, local automatics and controllers), control tasks for simple automation.
  3. Supply, installation and servicing of energy meters (electricity, natural gas, water, heating and cooling, compressed air) including communication.
  4. Increasing the reliability of supply, finding the causes of outages during the event in electricity distribution networks.

Web site with integrated GSM data service for data transfer and archiving, and data vizualization from energy meters

  • Organized display of energy or production data for the requested period or intervals of ¼ hour, hour, day, 7 days, month, current year, cumulative, invoicing values ​​and trends.
  • Partial/comparative balance of individual facilities/plants.
  • Production records (assignment of tonnage or assortment) - a formulation with a time stamp, used for displaying and determining energy intensity indicators combined with measured values ​​of energy consumption and for example, outdoor temperature.
  • Data transmission from energy meters via Ethernet or GSM data services (via a multinational provider), including service and operational supervision.

e-PointENERGY in points

Legend: EE - electricity, NG - natural gas, Air - compressed air, W - water, Q - heating/cooling

  • Monitoring of energy consumption according to the designated diagram (NG, EE, Q) with a wide range of alarms and automatic consumption limits.
  • Automatic reading of billing meters for energy purchase or resale to external customers (NG, EE, Air, Q).
  • Automatic reading of secondary energy meters and calculations of virtual meters, including coefficients for conversions.
  • Delivery and installation of new meters - EE, Q, Air, NG, W.
  • Communication path solutions (optics, metallics, robust RF transmission in the unpaid zone, Ethernet / GSM with its own GDATA roaming data service).
  • Visualization of energy flows online at the plant site, including technology status. Archiving and parameterization in the e-PointSERVICE.
  • e-PointWEB is a web solution for visualization of data from multiple facilities, displays immediate or cumulated values (in time periods ¼ hour, hour, 24 hour, day, week, month, year) and invoicing values for a selected period.
  • Incorporation of production data (assortment, tonnage) into the energy flow automatically by import, or manually via the WEB form. Automatic monitoring of energy intensity coefficients.
  • Tracking and monitoring of EE supply quality parameters (harmonics, asymmetries, short-term dips and surges).