• Head-End System,
  • meter management (device management),
  • end-user management (multi-tenant management),
  • meter template management (device Template management),
  • certification authority (tenant certificate authority),
  • data center,
  • Apache Hadoop, (Kafka, hdfs, Ambari, HBase).

Customer segment

  • Local distribution systems (LDS),
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies.


e-PointHES is a robust Head-End System. It is a distributed solution providing the collection and management of measured data with the help of various communication channels (GSM / GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRa, SigFox, Ethernet) and protocols (DLMS, M-BUS, JSON) from various data sources and meters. The system is designed for collecting and assigning incoming data to end users, inclusion in templates, and for basic standardization and archiving.

Technical specification

The system is offered as a hosted / cloud solution:

  • can be deployed in a very short time with zero investment costs,
  • low operating costs thanks to shared technical resources,
  • operated in a professional data center (TIER III) with a high level of data security,
  • automatic data backup is included with the service,
  • guaranteed high system availability,
  • uses Apache Hadoop technology – a framework containing a set of software components designed to process large amounts of unstructured and distributed data in the order of petabytes and exabytes.