• Software for PC installation which is a part of e-PointENERGY solutions.
  • It is used to change the parameters of the e-PointM terminal and for visualization and archiving of data measured.
  • An online console for billing energy meters where the designated capacities can be set – DRFC (daily reserved fixed capacity for a gas day), RC (Reserve capacity).

Customer segment 

It offers solutions for adhering to designated diagrams for purchased energy and energy management needs across all portfolios within the available services.


e-PointSERVICE is software designed for the parameterization of e-Point.M terminals, along with the visualization and archiving of measured data. It is primarily used for online data visualization; the data is from e-Point.M terminals, connected energy meters locally and/or remotely, the status of connected technological devices and secondary measuring devices and sensors of physical quantities. It uses local storage in the PC’s file system for archiving.

It provides:

  • local and remote communication with e-Point.M terminals in the e-PointENERGY system,
  • configuration/parameterization of e-Point.M terminals and their available functions,
  • customer setting of operational values ​​(i.e. individual limits for shutting down, the size of the interval amount for energy meters, setting of communication paths, archiving and frequency of entries, alarms, controllers, etc.),
  • the visualization of instantaneous values ​​(including an estimate of the progression of energy consumption at the end of the monitored interval, and warnings of probable exceeding of set limits for the reserved capacity),
  • the visualization of archive values ​​of energy consumption, daily and monthly profiles (in the form of charts and graphs),
  • the event log archives important states and potential operational restrictions of connected technologies by the e-Point.M terminal (limitation/easing of consumption), operating and error states of the e-Point.M terminal (communication quality, operating states FW + HW),
  • service functions and system maintenance, data archiving and export.

Technical specification

  • Automatic installation package, support for Windows 7 operating system and newer versions,
  • communication with e-Point.M terminals via USB or Ethernet TCP/IP, 
  • LabWindows technology by NI.


  • Commercial energy console for online monitoring of energy consumption from the distribution network in relation to the designated diagram (reserved capacity DRPK, RK).
  • The software is designed for installation on PCs for the parameterization, visualization and archiving of data from e-Point.M terminals.