• e-PointWEB is a complex energy management solution.
  • e-PointWEB is an energy consumption data analysis solution for the scope of the company's operations.
  • e-PointWEB is a solution for creating an energy balance
  • e-PointWEB is a solution for data analysis regarding supply quality.

Customer segment 

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs).
  • Distribution System Operator (DSO).
  • Local Distribution Network (LDN).
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies.
  • Business and office centers.
  • Public Administrators / Local Authorities.


e-PointWEB ensures the automatic reception, processing and archiving of data and potentially other information from remotely read energy consumption meters and enables their visualization, analysis and reporting. In addition to energy consumption data, any other sort of data can be processed in the system; a very common request is to be able to combine energy and production data in order to assess the energy intensity of production.

Other functions and tools are also available, such as sophisticated data validation, a tool for drawing line diagrams, and automatic email or SMS generation when set limits are exceeded or in the event of non-standard states. The system has a REST API interface for exchanging data with other customer systems, most often a production, control or invoicing system.

To implement the task of remote readings and monitoring of designated consumption diagrams, you can use any component of the e-PointENERGY solution, which cover a wide range of energy consumption meters from various manufacturers. Alternatively, e-PointWEB can be used in combination with third-party hardware which provides remote data collection. A unique feature of the e-PointWEB system is its versatility, complemented by high customizability and openness to solutions.

The e-PointWEB system together with e-PointENERGY represents the optimal solution for ensuring all needs in the field of energy management are met, the optimization of energy consumption and efficient use of energy and materials throughout the entire process of added value, and monitoring via key performance indicators.

Basic characteristics of the e-PointWEB system:

  • intuitive and user-friendly controls,
  • accessible from a normal web browser, no need for any installation,
  • clear display of energy consumption or other related quantities, production data in the required period, or in intervals of 15 minutes, hour(s), day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s) and for current, cumulative, and invoicing values ​​or trends,
  • dashboard module for creating “screens” optimized for different user groups,
  • energy balances of individual organizational centers, technological entities, and the parts of the distribution network and their comparison with each other or display of trends over time,
  • integration of production data - most often it is a quantity or tonnage broken down according to product range- for displaying and determining indicators of energy intensity in combination with measured values ​​of energy consumption or other variables, such as outdoor temperature,
  • supports data reception from remote readings by the PUSH method, or data reading by the PULL method,
  • the possibility of data processing from third party data sources, sensors, through communication modules, and data concentrators all the way to reading centers or database systems,
  • expansion modules for individual energy types are also available.
    An example is the Electrical module which does the following: monitoring and evaluation of terminals (current and voltage asymmetry), U/I phase deviation, combined voltage, step-by-step quantity changes, power factor compliance monitoring, transformer and terminal load monitoring, appliance monitoring.

Technical specification 

The system is offered in the following forms: 

  1. Hosted solution:
    • a worry-free solution that can be deployed in a very short time with zero investment costs,
    • low operating costs thanks to shared technical resources,
    • operated in a professional data center with a high level of data security,
    • automatic data backup comes included with the service,
    • guaranteed high system availability.
  2. On-premise in cases where a hosted solution cannot be used:
    • modular multilayer application,
    • a modern way of distribution using docker technology,
    • connectors based on Web Services (REST API) are used for communication with surrounding systems, for example data pumps with connectivity to various databases or to standard formatted files (CSV, JSON, XML).