• e-PointDAM is a power quality (PQ) data processing solution.
  • e-PointDAM is a solution for processing the quality measurement data of electricity from various sources (electricity meters equipped with a quality measurement system according to ČSN 50 160 and class A quality meters).

Customer segment 

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs),
  • Distribution System Operator (DSO),
  • Local distribution Network (LDN),
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies.


e-PointDAM is a modular system for archiving and evaluating measurements which was developed in cooperation with EGC - EnerGoConsult ČB. Combining the DAM system and the e-Point web created a universal platform that provides a robust solution for the management, archiving and evaluation of measurements with a connection to key enterprise systems (such as SAP, GIS, SCADA).
Basic characteristics of the e-PointDAM system:

  • The processing of a large number of electricity quality measurements and other technological measurements at individual voltage levels.
  • The validation of archived data.
  • A robust database structure which enables the archiving of a large number of measurements in the full range of measured quantities: U, Pst, Plt, unb, THDu, Uh, I, P, Q, THDi, Ih and others.
  • Ready to connect to external systems.
  • Statistical analysis of voltage and non-voltage quantities.
  • A wide range of tools for the assessment of archived electricity quality measurements or evaluation in relation to applicable standards: ČSN EN 50160, Annex 3 of the PPDS, histograms and more.
  • The creation of reports from electricity quality measurement and storage of them in the document management system.
  • The export of archived data for follow-up analyses.
  • Alarms that monitor specified criteria and allow notifications to be sent when they are exceeded.
  • An established hierarchy of users (i.e. assigning different rights for use of the application).
  • The option to add additional measuring points.

Technical specification 

The system is offered in the following forms:

  • On-premise:
    • modular multilayer application,
    • perated on Windows server 2012/2016 using Oracle database version 12,
    • connectors based on Web Services (REST API) are used for communication with surrounding systems, for example data pumps with connectivity to various databases or to standard formatted files (CSV, JSON, XML).
  • Cloud solution: 
    • a worry-free solution that can be deployed in a very short time with zero investment costs,
    • low operating costs thanks to shared technical resources,
    • operated in a professional data center with a high level of data security,
    • automatic data backup comes included with the service,
    • guaranteed high system availability.


Part of the e-PointWEB solution.